Read Online ZigBee Wireless Networks and Transceivers: The Complete Guide for RF/Wireless Engineers –

ZigBee is a short range wireless networking standard backed by such industry leaders as Motorola, Texas Instruments, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Freescale, etc It supports mesh networking, each node can transmit and receive data, offers high security and robustness, and is being rapidly adopted in industrial, control monitoring, and medical applications This book will explain the ZigBee protocol, discuss the design of ZigBee hardware, and describe how to design and implement ZigBee networks The book has a dedicated website for the latest technical updates, ZigBee networking calculators, and additional materials Dr Farahani is a ZigBee system engineer for Freescale semiconductors Inc The book comes with a dedicated website that contains additional resources and calculators Table of ContentsChapterZigBeeT BasicsChapterZigBeeT IEEENetworking ExamplesChapterZigBeeT IEEEProtocol LayersChapterTransceiver RequirementsChapterRF Propagation, Antennas, and Regulatory RequirementsChapterBattery Life AnalysisChapterLocation Estimating Using ZigBeeT ChapterZigBeeT CoexistenceChapterRelated TechnologiesAppendices I read this as a first introduction to ZigBee The book gives a good overview of all the essential topics and serves well as a stepping stone onto the path of learning about 802.15.4 WPAN, ZigBee and ZigBee PRO networks I found Chapter 3 most useful as it helped me to get clued up with some of the terminology used in the ZigBee standard Most of the information given is rudimentary, but references are given for each chapter that will lead to reader to detailed examinations, documentation, papers, journal articles etc There s also the authors web site with links to resources You ll need IEEE membership to access most of the articles though My copy of the book was the Kindle eBook edition and some of the equations were missing when reading on the Kindle. Ideal for those people who want a detailed guide to ZigBee from start to finish This readable book covers most elements that you would need to know, but you must be prepared to invest the time needed to take it all in. Well Written, very Informative