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Good product and quality but there are some strange words I guess that s why it is words to sound smart and not word of the day Arrived really quickly and is a great gift Disappointing choice of words ranging from lots of every day to some completely obscure Yes I did like this book These words are TOO decorative Like the word for stripper, a Ecdysiast sigh, come on I wanted to expand my vocabulary with useable words All the words in this are either ancient and obsolete or just for fun I have never seen any of these words in books, except maybe the bible I m a writer and I have this calendar on my desk since January 2019 and it is now June and I have not felt the need to use one single word I have learned They are that ridiculous. In the age of auto correct, I realized my language skills were becoming substandard Now, through assiduous lucubration of my new vocabulary, my friends don t want to speak with me, not even the phlegmatic ones Overall, it s fun to keep on the desk. Do you dream of debating philosophical precepts with the intelligentsia Locking academic horns with the clerisy You can do all thatand be the life of every highbrow cocktail partyjust by mastering the deliciously obscure terms in this most compendious of calendarsSoon, youll be tossing about bon mots with the best of the artistes and aesthetesand impressing the susurration out of the perfervid hoi polloiin no time With this daily calendar, you are only an erudite witticism away from true loquaciousness A friend and I were talking about all the fancy words we learned through reading so I thought this would be the perfect gift for her However, the words in this calendar aren t exactly the words I was thinking about We are already half way through the year and I feel like it s lacking I already know the words, or they re totally obscure. There are a lot of words that are very specific and are not for everyday use Words that you would actually probably not EVER use and I think that defeats the purpose Otherwise, it serves its purpose. It s interesting I bought this for my office but had to remove it because some of the words are not office appropriate So, meh It s alright.