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This dictionary and thesaurus makes accessible the core vocabulary relating to Anglo Saxon life and culture Words in the dictionary are encoded for easy cross reference to the thesaurus which has over fifty headings, such as art, church, evil, kin, time, warfare, wealth and so on

15 thoughts on “Wordcraft: New English to Old English Dictionary and Thesaurus

  1. Merrieweather Merrieweather says:

    The book has a very basic and simple layout, which makes browsing easy and enjoyable The pronunciation guide was clear and helpful The text is a sensible size.I bought this simply because I enjoy discovering word origins, but realising that we still use many of the same words today has made me feel connected to this part of our history I am woefully ignorant of this period and this has encouraged me to find out .

  2. Mr OE Lafe Mr OE Lafe says:

    I am impressed with the quality of the book and the effectiveness of the delivery.

  3. A. Leeson A. Leeson says:

    My 11 year old is learning Anglo Saxon and this is a great help.

  4. Gary Hewitt Gary Hewitt says:

    Easy to use because you have modern day words first, then translated into Old English words instead of Old English first A lot easier to use to because you know the modern words most.

  5. robh robh says:

    Already had a guide but OE to NE This makes sentence construction so much easier Also have the CDs and Introduction and would recommend all three.

  6. Tina Maria Tina Maria says:

    This is an incredibly useful tool for those of us learning Old English.We produce handwritten Manuscripts on Vellum in the traditional manner,so this dictionary is so useful in helping us understand old manuscripts.

  7. A. Sipf A. Sipf says:

    I like it, but it would be better with things like the little dot over the G.

  8. Philja Philja says:

    Excellent reference

  9. LuckyLemur LuckyLemur says:

    Great book,

  10. Catherine Weldon Catherine Weldon says:

    Handy as an English Anglo Saxon dictionary with clear definitions, easy to use

  11. T. T. says:

    clear format making for great research tool Apart from its obvious value as an acaqdemic reference book, it is also a facinating read for anyone interested in the subject

  12. philip hayter philip hayter says:

    Exactly what I wanted.

  13. Manfred Weissgerber Manfred Weissgerber says:


  14. pineapple 5 pineapple 5 says:

    Just learning Old English and have found this book useful and clear to use particularly the pages dealing with pronunciation.Need now a book giving Old English to Modern above book gives Modern to Old English which is not so useful when transl ating0Very good value for money too.

  15. Cynesige Cynesige says:

    Stephen Pollington is one of the world s best known experts on Anglo Saxon history, language and culture He has written many books on the topic, and pretty much anyone who s into that topic knows that he is The Man This book is extremely helpful, providing what is probably the most comprehensive all around lexicon from Old English to New English This book is a must own for the self taught student of Anglo Saxon England and the Old English language.