Audible Windows PowerShell 6 (IT Pro Solutions) (English Edition) By William Stanek –

Covers all release versions of PowerShell for all current versions of the Windows Server and Windows operating systems Practical and precise, this hands on guide with ready answers is designed for IT professionals working with Microsoft products, whether for on premises, hybrid or cloud support Inside, you ll find expert insights, tips, tricks and workarounds that will show you how to make the most of Windows PowerShell in the shortest amount of time possible During the course of reading this book, you will master a number of complex topics, techniques, commands and functionsThis book focuses on core PowerShell functionality Passing startup parameters and initializing the environmentCreating and using scripts for everyday tasksParsing values, output streams and formatting outputCreating and using profiles, aliases and other shortcutsUsing snap ins, providers, and modulesEnabling remoting, executing remote commands and establishing sessionsCreating background jobs and scheduling them to run automaticallyUsing expressions and operatorsWorking with variables, arrays, strings and other PowerShell structuresCreating aliases and functionsUnderstanding object types, methods and propertiesCreating and using objectsUsing transcripts to record activities at the promptExecuting blocks of commands as transactionsPerforming conditional execution with If statementsChecking for multiple conditions with switchControlling the flow of execution using loopsWindows PowerShellIT Pro Solutions can be used with the companion book, Windows PowerShellEssentials for AdministrationAbout the AuthorWilliam Stanek Sr was Microsoft Press s top technical author for nearlyyears, and is widely recognized as a leading authority in Microsoft technologies Histhanpublished works have been read by overmillion people, translated intolanguages, and are available inthancountries An avid outdoorsman, William enjoys hiking, spelunking, and trekking in search of adventure So if hes not writing or lecturing, Williams probably out enjoying the great outdoors or at the least, a backyard barbequeAbout the ContributorWilliam Stanek Jr began his tech career as an intern at Stanek s direct written contributions to over a dozen books earned him cover credits as a contributor Will is co author of Windows PowerShell Essentials for Administration, IISEssentials for Administration and several other forthcoming booksWilliam Stanek is the author of a number of topselling Windows scripting books, including one of the very first ever published, Windows NT Scripting Administrator s Guide Windows NT Scripting Administrator s Guide along with Windows Scripting Bible, Windows PowerShell Pocket Consultant and other popular scripting guides written were read by overmillion readers over the past two decades, firmly establishing William as the go to authority for information and resources related to scripting William also contributed to many scripting resources released by Microsoft, including Windows Scripting Guide, and available on Microsoft websites worldwide