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Aunque La Obra De Vermeer Se Reduce A Pinturas, Ha Originado Un Xito De Ventas Del New York Times Una Pel Cula Protagonizada Por Scarlett Johansson Y Colin Firth R Cords De Visitantes En Museos De Todo El Mundo, Desde Msterdam Hasta Washington, Y La Creaci N De Medidas Especiales Para Controlar Al P Blico Que Acude Al Mauritshuis De La Haya, Lugar De Peregrinaci N De Miles De Personas Para Observar La Enigm Tica, Inocente Y Encantadora Joven De La Perla, Tambi N Conocida Como La Mona Lisa HolandesaSin Embargo, En Vida, Johannes Vermeer Apenas Era Conocido M S All De Delft, Su Ciudad Natal, Y Su Reducido C Rculo De Mecenas Al Morir, Su Nombre Qued En El Olvido, Excepto Para Algunos Coleccionistas Y Marchantes De Arte Neerlandeses Fuera De Holanda, Sus Obras Incluso Se Atribuyeron Err Neamente A Otros Artistas No Fue Hasta Mediados Del Siglo XIX Cuando Vermeer Llam La Atenci N Del Mundo Del Arte Internacional Que, Viendo Con Buenos Ojos Su Precisi N Narrativa, La Meticulosidad De Los Detalles De Su Textura Y Los Planos De Luz Majestuosos, Descubri A Un Genio Y Nunca Volvi A Apartar La Vista De LEsta Edici N Re Ne El Cat Logo Completo De La Obra De Vermeer En El Formato Compacto De La Serie Bibliotheca Universalis Con Una Calidad De Reproducci N Excepcional, Permite Disfrutar Al M Ximo De Las Escenas Sosegadas Y Al Mismo Tiempo Cautivadoras, Tan Apreciadas En Galer As De Toda Europa Y Estados Unidos A Trav S De Detalles Precisos Y De Ensayos Se Traza La Habilidad Excepcional Del Artista No S Lo Para Plasmar Los Usos Y Costumbres Del Siglo De Oro Neerland S, Sino Tambi N Para Sintetizar Una Historia En Un Solo Gesto, Una Expresi N O Una Simple Mirada

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  1. made made says:

    Ya conozco la colecci n biblioteca universalis por lo tanto, no ha habido sorpresas Son libros de formato peque o y gran grosor En este caso, y dado que Vermeer dej muy pocas obras, el libro incluye alg n desplegable para ver con m s detalle alguna obra El texto, muy documentado, vida y obra del autor, parece muy ameno Acabo de recibirlo, lo he ojeado y estoy encantada con la compra Tapa dura, buena calidad de papel.

  2. Cliente Cliente says:

    Un buen libro para descubrir un gran pintor

  3. Stanley Crowe Stanley Crowe says:

    Not an easy read if you are as ignorant of the language of art criticism as I am, but well worth sticking with for the quality of Gowing s observations of particular paintings and for the generally plausible discussion that he derives therefrom about Vermeer s psychological make up and about the ways in which he appropriates and recasts the genre work of the Dutch artists of his time At the heart of the book is an implicit thesis about style and character that might seem a bit of stretch and might be in fact a bit of a stretch but is underpinned by the quality of attention to detail that Gowing brings to the work itself It s a book I feel I need to read again to come fully to terms with, but that seems worth doing Two complaints I would like color plates, And I got irritated by Gowing s identifying paintings by the city in which they re exhibited Dublin, New York, Amsterdam, etc instead of by name Gowing is a painter himself, but he writes carefully and well, even if one feels that he s writing for people who know as much as he does The regular art tourist who wants to take a selfie with the View of Delft will find this hard going.

  4. Mel.Clarke Mel.Clarke says:

    Vermeer has always been one of my favorite paintersand this book is the most beautifully written analysis you could find on studies of Vermeerthis is not a book of factsso if u r trying to find how Vermeer used his paint what was his specific technique on a painting of his or what exactly was his story his family religion education etc this is not the book for ubut if u r just like mewho love and appreciate the beauty of Vermeer s work and who has no specific purpose on interpreting his intentionswho wholeheartedly love art and could therefore put aside those academic historical datas analysis..and who is concerned aesthetically about his work his stylethis is the most beautifully written one for u it s like poetry

  5. candace m. wray candace m. wray says:

    Provides interesting insights into visual experience interpretation of Vermeer

  6. Hannah Hannah says:

    I had to buy this book for an art history class I am in and it possible the worst thing I have ever read for reference, I am an art history major and therefore have encounter many dry and boring art history books, so I m qualified to make the assertion that this books is quite horrendous Also, like someone else mentioned, it has barely any images and it refers to the paintings by their location i.e The Dublin painting not their actual titles, which would have made it a lot easier because most normal people haven t memorized the museum locations of all of Vermeer s works Another thing mentioned in another review is the author s repetitive wordiness which I have to agree with If you want a good book on Vermeer with all color images that is actually well written, I recommend Schnieder s complete works of Vermeer I actually enjoyed reading that one The author, Gowing, also is just terrible at explaining Vermeer s life and isn t even that accurate and the whole thing seems to be a test of how many times Gowing can use big words to sound smart Overall, DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK

  7. F. F F. F says:

    The author rambles on endlessly in what appears to be an attempt to impress the reader with complicated and cryptic prose It is the worst art book I ve ever purchased Save your money