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th Book from Author Krishna Rungta Learn VBNet Updated for VB was developed by Microsoft into replace Visual BasicVB supports object oriented programming which include encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction, and inheritanceVisual BasicP NET runs on the framework, which means that it has full access to the libraries It is a very productive tool for rapid creation of a wide range of Web, Windows, Office, and Mobile applications that have been built on the frameworkHere is what is covered in the book ChapterWhat is VBNet Introduction, History, Features, Advantages, DisadvantagesWhat is VBNet History of VBVB FeaturesAdvantages of VBDisadvantages of VBChapterVBNet Program Structure, Module, Classes Hello World ExampleModulesHello World ProgramClassesStructuresUsing Microsoft Visual Studio IDEChapterVBNet Data Types and Variable Declaration with DIMWhat are Data Types Type Conversion FunctionsVariable DeclarationVariable InitializationAccepting User ValuesLvalues and RvaluesChapterVBNet Operators Arithmetic, Comparison, Logical with EXAMPLESWhat is an operator Arithmetic OperatorsComparison OperatorsLogical Bitwise OperatorsBit Shift OperatorsAssignment OperatorsMiscellaneous OperatorsChapterVBNet Arrays String, Dynamic with EXAMPLESWhat is an Array How to Declare and Initialize an ArrayFixed Size ArraysDynamic ArraysRetrieving the Contents of an ArrayAdding New Elements to an ArrayDeleting an ArrayThe Split FunctionThe Join FunctionChapterVB Substring Method with EXAMPLEWhat is a SubString Syntax of SubstringExamplesOne ArgumentMiddle CharactersOne CharChapterFor EachNext, Exit, Continue Statement in VB with EXAMPLEWhat is For Each Syntax of For Each NextExamplesNested For LoopsExit For and Continue ForChapterSelectCase Statement in VBNet with ExampleWhat is a Select Case Syntax of Select CaseExamplesCase Sensitive ToLower, ToUpperChapterTryCatchFinally, Throws, User Defined exception in VBNetWhat is an Exception What is Exception Handling Syntax of Try CatchExample to Handle ExceptionsUser Defined ExceptionsThrowing ObjectsChapterVBNet ComboBox Control with EXAMPLEWhat is Combobox Control Creating a ComboboxAdding Items to ComboboxSelecting Combobox ItemsRetrieving Combobox ValuesRemoving Combobox ItemsBinding DataSourceSelectedIndexChanged eventChapterVBNet TEXTBOX Control Tutorial Properties with ExampleWhat is TextBox Control TextBox PropertiesTextbox EventsHow to Create a TextBoxPassword characterNewline in TextBoxRetrieving Integer ValuesReadOnly TextBoxmax lengthClick the BUY button now and download the book now to start learning VB Learn it fast and learn it wellPick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page