download Prime Ultimate Learning Guide to Microsoft Office Project 2007 (Epm Learning)Author Dale A Howard –

Ottimo testo, ricco di informazioni utili anche se la versione software al quale si riferisce Project 2007 Lo consiglio Unico neo, se cos pu dirsi, il prezzo Lo consiglio. A word of caution to those who are proficient in MS Project 2003this book does NOT segregate new features that come with 2007 existing 2003 functionality is discussed as if you are learning MS Project FOR THE FIRST TIME If you have used 2003 for any real world projects, this book will not be very efficient use of your time in learning 2007 features I think the Microsoft Office Project 2007 Step by Step may be practical for this audience.And by the way, this is a HUGE book in terms of overall dimensions and page count with large print for unknown reason. Good reference book for all MS Project concepts Offers training methods that help individuals and companies to get the most from Microsoft Project This book contains some of the best practices, practical software notes and hands on lessons designed to advance you through learning to schedule and control projects using Microsoft Office Project