read online epub There's a Million Things I Haven't Done, But Just You Wait. Just You Wait.: Blank Journal & Broadway Musical GiftAuthor Hamm El Tun –

A simple sentimental journal for friends and relatives who are experiencing the many challenging transitions of life, those who have been knocked down and need to be reminded to stand tall and take the risk, including students, graduates, those employed and unemployed, husbands and wives, retirees, and athletes The cover quote reminds us that when the fragmenting effects of pressure and stress seem relentless, we set achievable goals, persevere and maintain a purpose in spite of the difficulty, even when we don t know if we will triumph For fans of Alexander Hamilton, musical theater, the Tony Awards, the Broadway musical, Hamilton, Lin Manuel Miranda and his work, and fellow thespians This journal alternates betweenLINED pages for writing,BLANK pages for sketching drawing throughout, andquotes from the musical sprinkled in the interior Book sizex xwithpages total Not only does it make a great coffee table book and conversational piece, but its pages can be used as a diary of milestones, a record of special memories, a place for random sketches and diagrams, a very long bucket list, a notebook for tips and tricks, or all of the above Make the gift evenspecial by writing a note or two of your own and tucking a little cash or a gift certificate into the folds ON THE BACK COVER Broadway Musical Hamilton This quote is from the inspirational song, Alexander Hamilton, from the Broadway musical, Hamilton, written by Lin Manuel Miranda In the song, Alexander Hamilton speaks about his upbringing and his future In tough times when nothing was handed to him, he worked hard, fended for himself, and proved he could overcome his greatest challenges Also Available From Write Run Books I am Inimitable I am an Original ISBNISBN If You Stand for Nothing, You Will Fall for Anything ISBNISBN If You Stand For Nothing, You Will Fall For Anything ISBNISBNX Angelica, Elizaand Peggy ISBNISBN When You re Living on Your Knees, RISE UP ISBNISBN I am NOT throwing away my SHOT ISBNISBN I am the One Thing in Life I Can Control ISBNISBN Write Like You re Running Out of Time ISBNISBN