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I don’t know why I thought this was nonfiction when I ordered it since I had seen it on lists with “The Adventurer’s Son” and “Into the Wild,” but I was VERY pleased with the realism and immersive nature of the story It definitely feels real I read on the book's website about many of the places and things contained in this novel, and the author includes personal stories of his similar adventures Maybe it’s semiautobiographical? That would be incredible Regardless, I adored the main characters, Simon Jonah Both of them feel like real people I know, and their relationship is heartwarming and hilarious at times “Was that a Tiger?!” I’ll say no . Every Thread UniqueThe characters, the plot(s), the journeys, the locales, the adventures, mysteries, all, are unique, fresh and inviting The Travelers Within is a satisfying journey for anyone interested in character, travel, adventure, mystery and, for those so inclined, perhaps a little romance. I don’t want to give anything away, but there are about a dozen places on this journey that are now on my bucket list I really enjoyed this novel The author did an excellent job allowing the reader to identify with the characters and experience the adventure alongside them The description of the book didn’t give much away, which I think is brilliant, since the increasing pacing of the story keeps you guessing and always moving forward It’s been a while since I’ve found a good adventure fiction novel, so I’m thrilled that sequels are already in the works. A heartfelt story about truly “living.” The Travelers Within is an adventure story, but also an introspective journey as a man transforms from his least to his best version of himself While I loved Simon's character, and his evolution was very relatable, I have to say I’m Team Jonah at this point He’s one of the most intriguing characters I’ve read in some time A delightful and rivetting book I’d highly recommend. Simon had always followed a typical routine in life Work, TV, Sleep, Repeat But when an unexpected series of events sends him on a wild adventure through Central America, his typically mundane world takes a dramatic turn to the extraordinaryWith no previous experience in third world travel, and driven only by a newly ignited lust for life and the need to survive, Simon sets forth on an epic journey through the dangerous mountains of Guatemala, the smuggler's jungles of Nicaragua, the islands of Honduras and Meeting a wonderful and eclectic cast of characters along the way, Simon eventually links up with Jonah, a young survival expert with a plan as bizarre and terrifying as anything Simon could have ever imagined Inspired by real places and stories from the road, The Travelers Within: Into The Unknown is told with intrigue, suspense, humor and insight, capturing a visceral spirit of adventure and bringing out the wanderlust hidden deep within all of us Truly a real pageturning adventure! Loved the characters, both the main protagonists Simon and Jonah and all the unique people they encounter throughout Central America What a weird, wild ride Simon’s inner journey was extremely profound, but I found it accessible and relatable Already counting down till the sequel comes out later this year! As a traveler myself, I was very curious to see if Mode could make me feel transported I am so glad to report that he did indeed I loved the book, loved feeling as though I was actually experiencing all of the incredible places his main characters visit A fun read! I have already recommended it to my friends. Captivating and, at times, very thought provoking I am so glad this book caught my eye It has turned out to be a fantastic read, especially during a time where I am unable to travel The author does a terrific job of capturing the emotional side of what it means to be a traveler Do yourself a favor and read it. Captivating A MUST READ!The perfect read for people who love to travel but can't during this crazy time I love the attention to detail the author truly transported me back to places I've traveled to before andso, has inspired me to travel to places I haven't yet been. An incredible adventure from start to finish Engaging and humorous characters and a wild travel journey that's impossible to put down Highly recommended.