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Theatre and film frequently require replicas of three dimensional objects built for actors to use This book lays the groundwork for an artisan to determine what materials and techniques to use to build these props Walking the reader through the various tools and techniques used in historical and contemporary prop making, the author presents a process for deciding the materials and methods to build any prop With an explanation of how the craft and its products have developed over time, the budding artisan will understand not just how and when to use certain techniques or materials, but also why to use them and what advantages they give It arms the prop maker with a structured procedure for approaching the construction of any prop Illustrated with step by step examples of how to use each construction method, and explanations of different types of materials, this book gives the beginner prop artisan a strong foundation to approach the construction of props and answers the question, How should I begin The author is hosting an online component to the book along with his successful blog It will feature additional resources for the prop maker, including books, shops, contact information, and how to videos

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  1. Cesar Moreno Cesar Moreno says:

    Mucha informaci n detallada y con gran cantidad de fotos y de mucha calidad Explica de forma bastante buena como tratar cada material y como usarlo entre ellos.

  2. C. Carter-Reilly C. Carter-Reilly says:

    wonderful book really inspirational

  3. G SMITH G SMITH says:

    Quick delivery and an essential book recommended by uni

  4. That Girl That Girl says:

    I gifted this to my sculptor partner He s quite happy with it said it contains a lot of interesting information and sound advice he s an established and experienced 20 years sculptor I wish I could have gotten him to write this review Perhaps down the road, once he s had the chance to look read the book thoroughly I ll get him to put in his two cents.

  5. Michelle Gordon Michelle Gordon says:

    I bought this book for my son who is very much into building props, and up till now he just used his own intuition for how to do things The Prop Building Guidebook got a huge two thumbs up for the in depth tips and advise from beginning to completion and all the steps in between The only very minor concern, is that you have to be careful when turning the pages, because the binding can catch sometimes.

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    Excelente manual y compendio de t cnicas, procesos y materiales para la construcci n de elementos escenogr ficos, de tilerial para cine y teatro

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    Amazing resource