Free eBook The Official (ISC)2 Guide to the CISSP CBK ReferenceAuthor John Warsinske –

This edition follows its predecessors for style and format It s necessary for instructors to own this book than it s helpful for new CISSP candidates to use for study This Official Guide makes our instructional content justifiable paints the line on the court Based on student feedback over the years, it will take 6 months or from the date of its release for new topics to show up on the exam Long gone topics like the Orange Book are no longer in the index, which is good There is better coverage of SDN and SOA in this version There are no questions answers, unfortunately Overall, the new content is appropriate for CISSP for the next few years. The only official, comprehensive reference guide to the CISSP All new for 2019 and beyond, this is the authoritative common body of knowledge CBK from ISC 2 for information security professionals charged with designing, engineering, implementing, and managing the overall information security program to protect organizations from increasingly sophisticated attacks Vendor neutral and backed by ISC 2, the CISSP credential meets the stringent requirements of ISO IEC Standard 17024 This CBK covers the new eight domains of CISSP with the necessary depth to apply them to the daily practice of information security Written by a team of subject matter experts, this comprehensive reference covers all of thethan 300 CISSP objectives and sub objectives in a structured format with Common and good practices for each objective Common vocabulary and definitions References to widely accepted computing standards Highlights of successful approaches through case studies Whether youve earned your CISSP credential or are looking for a valuable resource to help advance your security career, this comprehensive guide offers everything you need to apply the knowledge of the most recognized body of influence in information security. The entire book looks like it was printed on a printer set in greyscale I would have paid for the darker print instead of this economy print crap The second edition had some really good questions at the end of each section with explanations This edition does not It does however have tabbed in slightly darker greyscale pages so it is easier to go the domain you want. I already have the Stewart Chapple Gibson s Sybex book and All in One Bought this ebook thinking it will provide something awesome, but it s disappointing as I expected It s just ok as an additional reference book I really don t understand ISC2 s goal purpose for coming out with a book with such limited content that that isn t up to par with the other Sybex and other books on CISSP It s almost pathetic. This book is organized based on the CISSP Exam Outline and addresses it good enough it provides a handy way for the CISSP aspirants to follow the exam outline It gives definitions officially and provides trending materials However, I would say it s a supplement to the previous edition, the fourth edition Some topics are highly simplified or cut off.It seems that some materials are typos or misplacements e.g., the official risk definition from ISC2 I d replace the likelihood with magnitude and the FIGURE 3.4 Brewer Nash security model on page 236 I believe it should be the Clark Wilson model.This book is good but still not good enough, but I would suggest CISSPs and CISSP aspirants put one on your bookshelf, as it stands for the official viewpoint of the CISSP CBK Common Body of Knowledge , and the only official source available.The following is my evaluation for your reference PROS Well organized Matching the CISSP exam outline to the first level of topics in each domain Trending materials Smaller in sizeCONS No review questions No appendix for supplement materials or document templates No glossary No suggested references