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Tiffany Sterns introduction is very informative and incredibly useful for academic purposes. He s a fool that marries, but he s a greater fool that does not marry a fool This bawdy, hilarious, subversive and wickedly satirical drama pokes fun at the humourless, the jealous, and the adulterous alike It features a country wife, Margery, whose husband believes she is too naive to cuckold him and an anti hero, Horner, who pretends to be impotent in order to have unrestrained access to the women keen on the sport A number of licentious and hypocritical women request Horner s services the country wife among them The Country Wife has provoked powerfully mixed reactions over the years The seventeenth century libertine king Charles II saw it twice, and is said to have joined the dance of the cuckolds at the end of one performance the eighteenth century actor playwright David Garrick declared it the most licentious play in the English language the Victorian Macaulay compared it to a skunk, because it was too filthy to handle and too noisome even to approach Twentieth century productions heralded it a Restoration masterpiece Sexually frank, and as ready to criticise marriage as infidelity, the virtuosity, linguistic energy, brilliant wit, naughtiness and complexity of this ribald play have made it a staple of the modern stage This student edition contains a lengthy, entirely new introduction, by leading scholar, Tiffany Stern, with a background on the author, structure, characters, genre, themes, original staging and performance history, as well as an updated bibliography and a fully annotated version of the playtext This book came sooner than expected and was in new condition as stated Very pleased. Perfect for my daughters AS level studies Such great fun Nice Product Good Service In good condition My wife loved reading this This was set text for my English literature degree and I found it very interesting The use of satire and materialism is very good Very good