[[ download Best ]] The Complete Planning Guide for Microsoft Project: For Windows 95 and Windows 3.1Author Thomas Belanger – Mariahilff.de

This book provides an easy to use, step by step process for planning projects using Microsoft Project It helps to make learning about project management easy and interesting The author addresses both the theory of project management and the keystrokes mouse clicks of navigating the software How to Plan any Project Using Microsoft Project provides all the checklists and guidelines needed for efficiency, including team requirements,scheduling resources,estimating project duration, reducingproject duration,establishing a tracking and monitoring system, working with wizards, and planning multiple projects at once Tips that offer several ways to accomplish common tasks are also included The CD ROM is an outstanding supplement to the book,containing valuable objectives and major milestones that can be tailored for any situation The author has based his examples on experience gained at prominent corporations including Digital, Nynex, Chemical Bank and Rubbermaid