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Step right up for the Greatest Book on Earth For thanyears, Clowns International the oldest established clowning organization has been painting the faces of its members on eggs Each one is a record of a clown s unique identity, preserving the unwritten rule that no clown should copy another s look This mesmerizing volume collects thanof these portraits, fromto the modern day, accompanied by short personal histories of many of the clowns Here are Tricky Nicky, Taffy, Bobo, Sammy Sunshine, the legendary Emmett Kelly, and Jolly Jack, clowning sinceand still performing today with a penguin puppet named Biscuit A treasure just like the eggs it enshrines, The Clown Egg Register is an extraordinary archive of images and lives of the men and women behind the make up Love everything about this book Beautiful production Interesting biographical details of the clowns by Helen Champion alongside clear photographs For Gifford Circus fans it includes Tweedy.As well as the record of the archive there is a brief but fascinating description of clown styles at the end of the book. Little freaky but I love it Beautiful paper quality and imagery Excellent. Possibly one of the greatest clown egg books you could ever read A most eggcellent book well worth adding to your collection Ich bin ber einen Artikel auf dieses Buch gesto en, und musste es nat rlich sofort kaufen Das Buch wirkt durch den Einband sehr hochwertig Auch die Fotos sind professionell gemacht und auf gutem Papier gedruckt Leider ist nicht sonderlich viel Text im Buch, aber die Fotos machen das mehr als wett. This arrived yesterday and the entire family has pored over this in fascination I chose it because as a long term fan of Terry Pratchett I was amazed to find that the system of recording clown s faces on eggs, as explained in Men At Arms by Pratchett was actually a real thing This book by Luke Stephenson, explores the egg faces of clowns down the decades and is surreal and brilliant Each double page has text about the clown on one side and a high resolution glossy photo of the clown s egg face on the other The book itself is beautifully bound in soft pink card, embossed with black text and a vivid green cloth spine Production quality is high and this is a wondrous thing to own. This is a delightful book It is a fairly small form factor, but you are not left wanting for content It is beautifully produced with delightful high quality photographs and endearing descriptions of the people behind the faces If you re curious at all then I d say go for it To be perfectly honest this book is only ever going to be a niche product, and something that the vast majority of people will have no interest in, after all so many people seem to be afraid of them Personally as I grew up I couldn t help but notice certain similarities between Ronald McDonald and my Nan, so I have never had such fears.We are thus presented here with a lovely small hardback book that contains lots of colour photos of the eggs which are nowadays ceramic that a clown s image is painted on, thus in ways not only preserving their appearance but also acting as a way of copyright and helping others not to copy features unintentionally.Along with these photos for some of them we have short potted biographies of the real person behind the greasepaint Obviously some of those mentioned here are famous and their names still live on, whereas others you will never have heard of before Also you have short pieces on the types of different clowns that are traditionally represented.I personally got this as I like to look at the images of clown make up, and this could be a good present for someone who you know is a children s performer, or interested in the entertainment business As such although I have mentioned that this is very much a niche product it does contain a certain history that most people will be unaware of as well as being a handy reference.