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The only drawback of this book is that it will fly over the head of a beginner That said, you STILL need this book, if you plan to pursue FX makeup you just need to learn the basics from other books, and graduate to this one This is the Bible of FX All the advanced techniques, molds, materials It s all here in 500 PACKED pages It is so good, I m going to order a second copy in hardcover Yes, it is worth that kind of investment Really informative for a buddy make up artist With this new edition of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, author Todd Debreceni presents the latest techniques and special effects in what has become an industry bible In addition to genre specific considerations, Debreceni covers the latest gear you will need and details how to maintain your kit, how to take care of the actor s skin, how to airbrush for HD, and much With in depth, step by step tutorials, learn how to sculpt and mold your own makeup prosthetics, focusing on human anatomy to create the most realistic effects This new and expanded edition features updated information on lifecasting, prosthetics made using D printing, advanced airbrushing techniques, new artist profiles, and includes updated images and illustrations throughout A companion website contains artist profiles that showcase some of the world s top makeup effects artists, including Steve Wang, Ve Neill, Matthew W Mungle, Miles Teves, Jordu Schell, and many others Also included are detailed makeup tutorials led by experts in the field, such as Maddie Singer and Toby Sells Lots of very useful chapters on everything, idea for specual effects and media make up students, plus it s the latest revision 4 I believe at the time of buying November 2018 Das Buch ist einfach Spitze Es beinhaltet alle Informationen Rund um Sepecial Makeup Effects, mit sehr vielen bebildeten Anleitungen auf einen hochwertigen Glanzpapier. Absolutely brilliant guide A must have read for anyone considering an introduction to the industry. I m not a professional special effects makeup artist I m not even an aspiring professional in that field I do, however, possess a reasonable amount of background information in theatrical effects generally and I bought this book as a result of my interest in expanding that knowledge while preparing for some upcoming projects I ve been beginning to work on I found this book to be perfect for someone at my level of skill and expertise.One of the challenges in these kinds of effects is that it s not enough for practitioners to be good artists though they do need to be that They also need expertise in a wide range of fields from computer design if they re doing any 3D printing , mechanical and electrical engineering if they re doing any animatronics , human and possibly non human anatomy and to a lesser extent, physiology , chemistry and materials science, and the list goes on After all, it s insufficient to merely make a sculpture that looks good It needs to look good while remaining functional on stage or screen while being worn by an actor who further needs to be assured of reasonable mobility and a lack of any allergic reaction to the supplies used This isn t easy stuff.This book is rather encyclopedic in its scope, yet remains accessible to the relative beginner I m particularly thankful that the author begins with an early chapter covering some basics of anatomy and includes sidebars throughout explaining some of the chemistry of the materials being described Though I recommend reading the book straight through first to get a big picture view of the various techniques, the book will remain a useful reference for years to come, whenever you need a reminder of, for instance, which adhesive remover adversely interacts with alcohol present in human perspiration.Will this book turn you into a world class expert in the field Certainly not To reach that level, you ll need to read a lot of books dedicated to in depth discussions of the topics covered the author provides recommended reading in the appendix to set you on the right path , and you ll need to practice for years This book will, however, if you practice and master the various techniques described within its pages, give you all the information you need to get yourself started on that road to mastery.On the other hand, will this book be accessible to the complete beginner who has never even sculpted before Yes and no The author s explanations are clear enough that anyone regardless of background will be able to read and understand the instructions for each technique If you can follow instructions, you can sculpt, mold, cast, and apply a prosthetic following only instructions in this book But it probably won t look very good, because the author assumes an underlying level of artistic mastery as a prerequisite to these projects There are two ways to obtain that mastery You could, following this book as your guide, use the trial and error method and simply learn from experience Alternatively, you could additionally purchase another book or take a course in basic sculpting techniques to accelerate your learning.Ultimately, this book is highly recommended for anyone with a bit of special effects or theatrical background looking to learn about the art and science of special effects makeup, and provisionally recommended for the complete novice willing to embark upon a longer educational journey. I have all three of Todd Debreceni s books and love them all They are very informative and full of great tips Definitely recommend for new or seasoned FX artists I think beauty artists that are interested in special effects would benefit as well since the instructions are so informative with good quality photos. This is one of the best books for people with a growing interest in SFX make up both professional or amateur.My problem is the book arrived damaged and given the current state of the world it is not possible for me to return and receive a new copy before my girlfriend s birthday.Good book, bad quality, very disappointed. I love it know what I need is diffrent from YouTube I look for name now I understand I can t to make one very useful.