eBook Snake Oil: Life's Calculations, Misdirections, and Manipulations – Mariahilff.de

The gyp, hoodwink, shuck, sandbag An art form that has been passed down through generations of hustlers, con men, and freaks Selling snake oil is the ultimate con, and readers will find within these pages everything from classic deceptions to the most recent of ruses From fooling your friends to dangerous stage stunts, Jim Rose, snake oil salesman extraordinaire, provides new angles to old tricks Those who dare to explore these pages will find themselves enticed by this special brand of snake oil Step right up it s all here There s nothing it won t cure I ve been interested in magic all my life and so there is a lot in this book to fascinate me regarding tricks and stunts such as fire eating and sword swallowing But what really interests me are the story s about popular con s and swindles that have been pulled, some quite humorous I particularly like the one about the man who was paid to dress up as a gorilla at a zoo There are also some fun and harmless bar room swindles that you can play on your friends I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in magic, but also to anyone who has an interest in the paranormal because through some of these tricks they ll come to understand that not everything is as it seems. This is a Bible I love both of Jim roses books This one is a great and you ll learn loads this book is the most informative that i have ever read on the art of extreme magic,freak shows and the con game i have probably read about 40% of whats in the book before,but thats only because i have read so many books on these subjects,if you want to learn magic,torture tricks and scams without reading dozens of books then this is the book for you.jim rose is concise and straight to the point and his knowledge about these subjects is phenomenal.