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The CISSP certification is the gold standard for security professionals This exam resource is up to date for theCISSP Common Body of Knowledge created by ISC Simple CISSP has been intentionally kept as brief as possible without the fluff many other tomes include The book is narrated by the author to ensure all information is conveyed by someone who understands the industry As a result, all acronyms and security terminology is correctly pronounced and described

11 thoughts on “Simple CISSP (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Phil Martin, Phil Martin, Phil Martin: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Doris Doris says:

    It is only CISSP material i found available on audio It is fantastic resource for studying CISSP Not only because it is simple and focus on the core information, And because the audio, i can listen anywhere I go, I no longer feel guilty for going to the gym or for traveling Must have

  2. Carracticus Carracticus says:

    All the information is here but a lot of it comes at you in tedious lists Absolutely woeful editing with hundreds of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

  3. Emmanuel Oboh Emmanuel Oboh says:

    Very happy reading this book

  4. Paul D Paul D says:

    The author stats off saying that he is not a professional narrator but this book is very well read More importantly understood Having listened to the full 16.55 hours on Audible I am now going to buy the same book for my kindle.

  5. A_Reader A_Reader says:

    Really great book for clarity the author is a great communicator I also recommend the Audiobook which is read out by the author and is very easy to follow.

  6. MSTRBJ MSTRBJ says:

    I purchased the audible version and its very well narrated Wish we had technology audible books to choose from.

  7. Chris Mackey Chris Mackey says:

    This book does exactly what it claims it has all of the information needed to pass the CISSP exam but in a condensed format Of course, condensed is relative it is still over 500 pages long, not including the outline in the back that has definitions of all terms and concepts But, while other CISSP books have almost 1,200 pages, it feels solid without being overwhelming I also have both the ISC2 Official Study Guide and the All In One CISSP Exam Guide by Shon Harris, and Simple CISSP basically strips out the unnecessary background the other books include that is not relevant to the test The outline in back is very handy as it follows the chapters exactly if you find a concept or term that you need to be refreshed on, it is easy to find the exact paragraph that talks about it in the associated chapter It does not include test questions, although you can easily find those for free on the Internet It also has a few grammatical errors I appreciated the memory tools it provided to help remember the complex subjects If for no other reason, buy it for its comprehensive outline in the appendix it contains every term and concept you will need to know in a condensed study version start using this each day, a few days before the test, to make sure everything is fresh on the brain

  8. cssserious cssserious says:

    Phil Martin has done a great job in writing the book Once you start reading, things are so clearly and fluidly presented that you feel that you are actually living inside the situation, not just trying to cram something foreign and distant Once you go through long and difficult domains like Security and Risk Management, and Network Communications, you readily realize that the author knows his stuff down to the core and is capable of explaining it to anybody remotely connected with cybersecurity The Kindle edition is cheap, I would buy it any day to be confident about the topics which are not my cup of tea I sat for the exam in the latest CAT format after going through few books and few thousand questions, passed it in one go A clear and holistic view of the cybersecurity is required as I realized during the test, not waste time in cramming nitty gritty and obscure details.

  9. chris lavezza chris lavezza says:

    Awesome Guide, I would add to your study arsenal.

  10. marketing-sales.co Customer marketing-sales.co Customer says:

    So far I am enjoying it Hope it translates into me passing the cissp.

  11. B.G. B.G. says:

    Delivered on time and great book