Download books Shadow Puppets and Shadow Play By David Currell –

This book is the must have if you are really interested in learning how to work with shadow puppet.It is a quite technical book that i wouldn t recommend to beginners but if you have some notion and you want to learn then this book is perfect for you Shadow Puppets and Shadow Play is a comprehensive guide to the design, construction and manipulation and presentation of shadow puppets, considered by many to be the oldest puppet theatre tradition Traditional shadow play techniques, together with modern materials and methods and recent explorations into theatre of shadows, are explained with precision and clarity, and illustrated by photographs that include the work of some of the finest shadow players in the world Very good and informative book on shadow puppets along with instruction to make your own puppets Thank you. Fabulous book for anyone who practices the art of shadow puppetry Many examples and wisdom. This is the Shadow puppeteer s bible The book explains everything you need to know about shadow puppetry It s got easy to understand text, step by step illustrations not only to make the puppets, but the stage as well This book is great for school projects, girl scout and boy soout projects and any one who wishes to give shadow puppetry a whirl If you re interested in shadow puppetry, this is the book for you.It covers all the main aspects of the genre history, techniques, fabrication, lighting, etcThe quality of the images are stellar, the text is easy to read, the research thorough.I really think this book is a little gem and has become my reference for shadow play theater. The better text and introductory primer that is currently available on the mainstream for the study of shadow puppets, silhouettes, and the like through the performance of plays and animation. This is a great book. This book was a big hit Thanks This book has been on our daughter s wish list for some time is not only beautiful but will be useful for many years to come.