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There is only one thing I fear in life, my friend One day the black will swallow the red Under the watchful gaze of his young assistant and the threatening presence of a new generation of artists, Mark Rothko takes on his greatest challenge yet to create a definitive work for an extraordinary setting A moving and compelling account of one of the greatest artists of the th century whose struggle to accept his growing riches and praise became his ultimate undoing Nominated forOlivier Awardsand winner ofTony Awardsincluding Best New Play

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  1. Mac McAleer Mac McAleer says:

    I bought this book to prepare before seeing the play Red I do not usually buy plays and my first reaction was how thin the book is However, it gives the full script with stage notes and that is exactly what I wanted There is no background material or discussion.I was able to read it quite quickly, in two sessions This may not be a typical play, with only two characters The younger character, Ken, is the fictitious assistant, an aspiring painter The older character is the established painter, Mark Rothko, the Abstract Expressionist The time is the late 1950s and Abstract Expressionism is about to give way to the new wave of Pop Art Rothko is engaged in a large commission for a set of painting for a high end restaurant at a new Manhattan skyscraper 1.The setting is Rothko s studio in downtown New York It is an old gymnasium with a paint splattered wooden floor Rothko s paintings are stacked around the room There is also an imaginary painting hanging right in front of the audience, which Rothko studies throughout the play At the start of the play, Rothko dominates He speaks in paragraphs, whilst Ken speaks in short sentences or phrases As the play progresses, Ken gets his turn to use paragraphs Thus, on the first page of the script we see Rothko explaining to Ken how to look at one of his paintings.ROTHKO Wait Stand closer You ve got to get close Let it pulsate Let it work on you Closer Too close There Let it spread out Let it wrap its arms around you let it embrace you, filling your peripheral vision so nothing else exists or has ever existed or will ever exist Let the picture do its work But work with it Meet it halfway for God s sake Now, what do you see Wait, wait, wait In scene two, Rothko is still dominating.ROTHKO Precisely He gestures to his paintings Look at the tensions between blocks of color the dark and the light, the red and the black and the brown They exist in a state of flux of movement They abut each other on the actual canvas, so too do they abut each other in your eye They ebb and flow and shift, gently pulsating The you look at them the they move They float in space, they breathe Movement, communication, gesture, flux, interaction letting them work They re not dead because3 they re not static They move through space if you let them, this movement takes time, so they re temporal They require time.By the end of scene three, Ken has his own paragraphs.KEN In your pictures the bold colors are the Dionysian element, kept in check by the strict geometric shapes, the Apollonian element The bright colors are your passion, your will to survive your life force But if the black swallows those bright colors then you lose that excess and extravagance, and what do you have left 2 KEN You know, not everything has to be so IMPORTANT all the time Not every paintings has to rip your guts out and expose your soul Not everyone wants art that actually HURTS KEN You say you spend your life in search of real human beings, people who can look at your pictures with compassion But in your heart you no longer believe those people exist So you lose faith So you lose hope So black swallows red.By scene four, Ken has dominance.KEN You guys went after the Cubists and Surrealists and, boy, did you love it And now your time has come and you don t want to go Well, exit stage left, Rothko Because Pop Art has banished Abstract Expressionism I only pray to God they have generosity of spirit than you do, and allow you some dignity as you go.THE BOOK is 70 pages, with the script taking up the last 57 pages The script is preceded by a two page listing of the three major productions 3 This is followed by the list of characters and the The Setting.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 This was the 38 storySeagram Buildingat 375 Park Avenue, designed by the famous modernist architect Mies van der Rohe It was completed in 1958 The restaurant was the Four Seasons 2 SeeThe Birth of Tragedy, mentioned in scene one ROTHKO Mmm, Pollock Always Pollock Don t get me wrong, he was a great painter, we came up together, I knew him very well.KEN What was he like ROTHKO You read Nietzsche KEN What ROTHKO You ever read Nietzsche The Birth of Tragedy KEN NoROTHKO You call yourself an artist One can t discuss Pollock without it One can t discuss anything without it What do they teach you at art school now 3 It gives the actors, directors and designers of the three major productions of Red at the Donmar Warehouse, London 2009 , the Golden Theatre, Broadway 2010 and Wyndham s Theatre, London 2018 4 This is a serious play, but it is also funny I had not realised just how funny until I heard the audience laugh when I watched the play.

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    As a loyal and long standing Rothko enthusiast, it was great to be able to read the script at leisure after seeing the play Well worth the little money I paid.

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    Saw this performed in theatre and was absolutely blown away Have read and reread the play since it is a true masterpiece

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    Great play Short and concise

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    A must read for those who love art.

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    pi ce tr s int ressante Repr sentation remarquable en oct nov 2019 au Theatre Montparnasse Paris.

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    Prompt delivery of an item as advertised

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    Avendo acquistato il libro per terzi non posso giudicarlo in prima persona ma, avendo chiesto quante stelle avrebbe dato mi stato detto 4 5

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    This was such a good find to read Despite there only being two characters, you never really feel that s the case the dialogue and themes brought up go above and beyond as though to speak for two generations at crossroads with one another You d think a limited cast would dilute conversations and the number of things that can be talked about without becoming dull, but somehow John Logan manages to keep you engaged and on your toes I m in awe at how effortless one sentence can be full of humor and wit and the next heavy with grief and despair More than anything, you know a book is worth its weight in gold when it leaves a mark on you and its words and implications stay in your head for days That ending was such a beautiful reminder I didn t know I needed.

  11. Grady Harp Grady Harp says:

    Anyone who has the privilege of seeing a performance of John Logan s extraordinarily powerful and immensely intelligent play RED will want to buy this script version of the play there is so much information about art, art history, art and the emotional experience of becoming immersed in paintings, learning about the dialogue between the artist and the viewer on every page that it is well to read the play repeatedly and slowly to absorb it all.John Logan s name may not carry the noise of the paparazzi yet but it soon will Briefly, John David Logan was born in San Diego, CA in 1961, grew up in California and New Jersey and was graduated form Northwestern University in 1982 His plays, informed by the fact that he is openly gay, include Never the Sinner a recreation of the infamous Leopold and Loeb case , Hauptmann about the Lindbergh baby kidnapping , Riverview and Red His screenplays include Any Given Sunday , RKO 281 , Gladiator , The Aviator , Star Trek Nemesis , The Time Machine , The Last Samurai , the Tim Burton directed musical, Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street , the film adaptation of Shakespeare s Coriolanus, and film adaptation for The Invention of Hugo Cabret Extensive important credits, but none of his achievements equals the power of Red.Something happens in this play the audience is present in the dark studio of painter Mark Rothko who has just hired an assistant, Ken, to help him complete the commissioned canvases that are to be part of the installation of the Seagram s Four Seasons Restaurant in New York The play has only two characters and the power of the play is dependent on conversations about the history of art, the manner in which art is viewed by the public whose most intellectual adjective when asked their opinion is fine It is the gradual building of repartee between Rothko and Ken that explores the mind of the genius Rothko, his place in the world of art, his dealing with his fears about death and the color black, and his dominance over Ken As the play progresses Ken gradually rises in his ability to express himself and between Rothko and Ken we discover the manner in which painting can represent our fears and our idiosyncrasies when we actually become active in the process of experiencing art.Page after page in this book contain profound thoughts about the creative process If the play is ever in the vicinity of the reader, attendance is a must The play is currently in performance in Los Angeles with Alfred Molina and Jonathan Groff it is a breathtaking experience Grady Harp, August 12