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The item itself is fine Decent size but won t fit in many pockets for someone who can t handle a full size model There are a few words that I am surprised are not included but that is probably inevitable My concern is the binding after four months use, it is already showing signs of wear And I do mean use and not over use the recipient attempts about 3 or 4 crosswords a week. Just tight for my granddaughter for school Fits in her bag nicely. I looked at a few of these in the local stationers before buying here at a better price.This gives the word, a short definition and its opposite.Often gives use in a short sentence which is useful as if kidsare uncertain of alternatives then clarification of the original word can be helpful.Several alternatives are then listed.My son refers to this pretty much every time he has a piece of essay work or a report for school or college.A good buy and well used. Had a quick look, and I am very satisfied This is a gift which I know he ll love. twas for a school boy Definitive English thesaurus but beware it is hardly Pocket It s too thick and too heavy for a school bag. Bought for grandaughter starting at secondary school a very good thesaurus Excellent study aid for the kids. This edition of the Pocket Oxford Thesaurus features over , synonyms and antonyms, to help you with all your everyday writing needs It has been fully updated and contains new usage notes to help you avoid pitfalls when writing, and extra noun lists in the centre section Great help with crosswords etc, only disappointed that it s too big and too heavy to be called pocket