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OK, not great. Easy to understand and to the point Whether youre sharing data between two internal systems or building an API so users can access their data, this practical book provides everything you need to build web service APIs with PHP Author Lorna Jane Mitchell uses code samples, real world examples, and advice based on her extensive experience to guide you through the processfrom the underlying theory to methods for making your service robustP is ideally suited for both consuming and creating web services Youll learn how to use this language with JSON, XML, and other web service technologies The second edition has been updated to include even hands on examples to apply to your own applications, and new tools and features to reflect changes on the web and updates to PHPBuild web services with PHP and exchange data across applicationsExplore HTTP, from the request response cycle to its verbs, headers, and cookiesLearn new material on working with and publishing web hooks In preparation for building a RESTful API for my own personal app and other on the job projects , I recently read Lorna Jane Mitchell s book PHP Web Services APIs for the Modern Web It was fantastic and everything one could hope for in a technical read It covered a wide range of topics, and yet each was in just enough detail that I could create working samples of my own It wasn t a very long read either, despite covering a great deal of material I was able to read it cover to cover in about two days Not only was it quick, but it was pleasant as well, which often isn t the case with technical material It flowed nicely, and Lorna kept my attention.In terms of the material itself, by the end I felt like I had a great handle on these topics The flow from request to response Different protocols RPC, SOAP, REST Data formats JSON, XML Various tools for implementation from CLI, to PHP, to online Different testing approaches Documentation Best practices and an approach to design robust servicesThank you Lorna for putting together such a valuable resource Great book to start off with web development Helped me tremendously Would recommend to beginners. very little information in the book for practical purpose probably suitable for manager types who only have to have superficial information. Great read In het boek komen geen functionele voorbeelden tegen bijvoorbeeld hoe webservices effectief kunnen worden geimplementeerd aan de clientside en de serverside 25 is veel geld voor een boek wat alleen algemene informatie geeft over web services. I was hoping this would help me with a project that required knowledge of SOAP, which it did, and it also helped me to understand other Web services with JSON. No dir que comprar este libro haya sido una completa p rdida de dinero y tiempo, pero esperaba que fuera mejor El problema es que habla de muchos temas interesantes y todos relevantes al t tulo , pero sin profundidad alguna Se limita a introducirlos, darte un par de ejemplos y pasar al siguiente cap tulo.Dicho de una vez si lo que buscas es una introducci n, PHP web services est bien pero si es una referencia, mejor busca en otra parte.