PHP 7 Prepared Statements: PDO Tutorial for the Very Beginner ePUB –

PDO PHP Data Objects is a general database abstraction layer with support for MySQL among several other databases It provides prepared statements, with significant flexibility in how data is returned from a database.The purpose of this hands on exercise is to give you experience connecting to a database in a way you can readily use, but without the distracting code usually written in popular tutorials.By practicing and learning the material covered in the book you will be ready to tackle other tutorials with a solid foundation Your PHP PDO learning starts here.For that matter, each topic begins with the creation of an independent file In other words, the boilerplate created in earlier lessons will be duplicated for each subsequent topic Repetition is done purposefully.Of course, you will have the option to reuse the boilerplate code and modify it accordingly, but that s not my first recommendation The DRY concept should only be taken into consideration after we can write code effortlessly.In addition, the book is written in such a way that you will be able to browse through it without doing any exercises if you so wish This can be useful to get a bird s eye view of each subject, or to review the subject later.In the end, related resources and useful articles you may want to visit will be provided.