[Download eBook] Oracle Application Express - Pro Hacks (First Edition): Learn Advance Techniques to Become a ProAuthor Riaz Ahmed – Mariahilff.de

First things first Grab this book only if you have some basic knowledge of Oracle Application Express APEX , and possess some hands on experience with this rapid web application development tool If you don t, then I encourage you to read my latest book Create Rapid Web Application in Oracle Application Express 19 ISBN 9781094779096 , which is written for absolute beginners.The word hacking has a bad reputation in the computing world This term is generally used to break into computer systems and create havoc Among developers, though, the term hack refers to a quick solution to a problem, or an intelligent way to get something done And the term hacker is used for someone who is creative, and possesses technical chops to get things done This book is an attempt to reclaim the word, and pass creative stuff on to the inexperienced It exhibits professional approach to various problems you face while developing applications in Oracle APEX and provides quick ways to learn new things about the technology.Oracle APEX is evolving and you get exciting new features with every new release to develop latest, data centric web apps fast The main objective of this book is to help you practically evaluate these features to polish your development skills The topics covered in this book are not documented in APEX manuals Not only the book provides pro tricks to develop professional looking web apps, but it also saves the time you spend on the Internet to search these solutions.This book is meant to provide a new way of perceiving Oracle APEX Whether you are looking for a new technique to include in your application, a solution to a common problem, or just some insight into Oracle APEX, I am sure you will find the stuff provided in this book helpful and exciting.