[Download eBook] NINETEENTH CENTURY CIRCUS POSTER ARTAuthor Steve Ward – Mariahilff.de

The nineteenth century was a boom time for circus It was a popular form of entertainment, catering for all sections of society young and old, male and female, rich and poor Even the aristocracy and royalty visited the circus Most large towns and cities in the United Kingdom had at least one circus amphitheatre in regular use This was the age of the rising circus star Performers, male and female, were beginning to make names for themselves and people were drawn to the circus to see these celebrities This was also the age of developments in printing Through dramatic and engaging illustrations, the public could now not only see what delights the circus had to offer, but see the actual artists in action Circus posters appeared on almost every available space and it was very important for the circus proprietor to have eye catching designs to grab the public s attention This book takes a broad look at some of the designs used on circus posters relating to the Wood Street circus in Wakefield during the nineteenth century