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Stop waiting for the network team If basic TCP IP was hard, network administrators couldn t do it Servers give sysadmins a incredible visibility into the network once they know how to unlock it Most sysadmins don t need to understand window scaling, or the differences between IPv and IPv echo requests, or other intricacies of the TCP IP protocols You need only enough to deploy your own applications and get easy support from the network teamThis book teaches you How modern networks really work The essentials of TCP IP The next generation protocol, IPv The right tools to diagnose network problems, and how to use them Troubleshooting everything from the physical wire to DNS How to see the traffic you send and receive Connectivity testing How to communicate with your network team to quickly resolve problemsA systems administrator doesn t need to know the innards of TCP IP, but knowing enough to diagnose your own network issues transforms a good sysadmin into a great one

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  1. Charlie Rhode Charlie Rhode says:

    I love the author s writing style He makes what could be a very dry subject very interesting and accessible to the reader, and also provides plenty of examples and explanations of commands I will be on the look out for technical books by the same author

  2. hibble hibble says:

    Excellent funny but not overly comedic writing style Certainly helps with what could have been another boring reference book I would highly recommend it for any systems administrator.

  3. fcbsd fcbsd says:

    An excellent book covering the essentials of networking useful for all computer users not just Systems Administrators.

  4. Nikola Novak Nikola Novak says:

    I ve been a PeopleSoft administrator for a decade, and I ve started recommending this book to my teams Beyond the technical teachings, which are fairly decent, it does a great job of helping network teams and sysadmin teams co ordinate, by explaining to each side what the other wants and needs As such it s also a very useful book to managers tech team leads, who don t necessarily need to know the hands on parts, but can train their own teams to behave and co ordinate in a productive, helpful manner

  5. Augustinus Deimel Augustinus Deimel says:

    Michael W Lucas beschreibt nichts komplett neues aber er die Pragmatik bei der Auswahl dessen, ber das er schreibt bzw dessen, was er wegl t ist einfach genial Genau das ist das Level, ber das ich auch als Entwickler Bescheid wissen mu.

  6. Luca Ferrari Luca Ferrari says:

    As usual, Lucas has a unique way to write books that made the experience really fun This book has been a good refresh of my netwroking skills.

  7. Barbet Benjamin Barbet Benjamin says:

    Tr s bon livre pour conna tre les ports, savoir analyser les pannes r seau.Je le recommande pour tout admin serveurs qui aurait des lacunes en r seau.

  8. Arun SR Arun SR says:

    very basic info only

  9. Alex Bartlett Alex Bartlett says:

    Another charming work with wisdom for professionals, aspirants, and adventurers alike The print quality is very good and the indexed content is immensely useful Michael W Lucas excels at explaining advanced technology in a style that is immediately accessible.Reading Lucas is akin to a correspondence course on System Administration Often building from BSD environments, his well written instructions highlight a toolset of useful things to the reader Thoughtful footnotes deliver license unencumbered, professional help to those in need for we who play with these machines need help indeed.

  10. Julie Percival Julie Percival says:

    We need to call Michael and add 0s to a check till he comes to teach this to our server teams.After reading my initial copy of this book I told everybody on all the server teams at work to get and read copies of it.As a network engineer this book has all the information about networks I wish every server person had laid out in a clear, easy to understand, sensible, and amusing format If you read, understand, and follow this book you will improve your troubleshooting, make your network person love you, and decrease problems with your servers dramatically.From now on I ll recommend every single systems person I work with read this book You should get a copy Today.