Free Reading MongoDB for C# by Example By Agus Kurniawan –

Code illustration for MongoDB programming using C Book topics cover Development Environment Connecting to MongoDB Create and Delete Database Create, Read and Delete Database Collection Create, Read, Update and Delete Collection Data Finding and Querying Data Binary and Image Collection Data Embedded Document LINQ

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  1. bulgaria bulgaria says:

    Ein Hand voll Seiten Quellcode zum Wucherpreis, mehr ist es nicht.Da findet man im Internet ausf hrlichere und bessere Literatur zum Thema und das gratis.Was der Autor hier betreibt grenzt an Betrug Abzocke ist es alle mal H nde weg

  2. R. A. Miller R. A. Miller says:

    This is only a 39 page document and its content is readily available in the documentation and tutorials at for free.

  3. Jonathan Miller Jonathan Miller says:

    Little text mostly examples Would ve been nice to have a few samples It was a good start for me.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Not really a book, but the samples can be usefull if you are new into MongoDb with C I guess it s a fair price, although i expect you could find similar guides online at no cost at all.

  5. William Steinberg William Steinberg says:

    For 5 bucks, you get basic information that works Sure, it is available on, but here it is custom designed for C developers.As the title indicates, it is mostly examples, with little commentary.It does what it claims No need for 1,000 pages.Worth 5 bucks.