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Combine the power of Excel 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, and sound project management tools to boost your skill set and maximize your productivity You ll walk through a project and learn how to use these powerful tools to schedule jobs, create budgets, manage processes, and share project information Whether new to project management or a veteran, you ll discover techniques, hints, and examples you can use immediately. Bought for my student grandson who is doing a Proj Management BSc degree He finds it easy to understand and uses it on a regular basis to help his undersatanding of the IT side of his course Good value technical Excel book. Comprehensive book on using excel for project management applications Very readable, packed with information that could be instantly applied to help a project run smoothly. I am a certified PMP and own many books on Project management The book is very misleading in terms of excel and Project Management Three fourths of the book explains what Project Management is I found useful templates from Microsoft Also the included templates the book provides online are exraordinarily rudimentary.