epub pdf Mastering Windows Server 2012 R2Author Mark Minasi – Mariahilff.de

Check out the new Hyper V, find new and easier ways to remotelyconnect back into the office, or learn all about StorageSpacesthese are just a few of the features in Windows Server R that are explained in this updated edition from Windowsauthority Mark Minasi and a team of Windows Server experts led byKevin Greene This book gets you up to speed on all of the newfeatures and functions of Windows Server, and includes real worldscenarios to put them in perspective If you re a systemadministrator upgrading to, migrating to, or managing WindowsServerR, find what you need to do the job in this completeresourceLearn all about Installing or upgrading to and managing Windows Server RUnderstanding Microsoft NIC teamsand PowerShellSetting up via GUI or updated Server Core Migrating, merging, and modifying your Active DirectoryManaging address spaces with IPAMUnderstanding new shared storage, storage spaces, and bettertoolsControlling access to file sharesa new and improvedapproachUsing and administering Remote Desktop, Virtual Desktop, andHyper V