Free ePUB Making contemporary theatre: International rehearsal processes (Theatre: Theory - Practice - Performance) By Jen Harvie –

A fantastic glimpse into processes from across the world Perfect for anyone looking to open their horizons and discover the vast range of approaches to rehearsal and creation from across the world. Making contemporary theatre reveals how some of the most significant international contemporary theatre is actually made The book opens with an introductory chapter which contextualises recent trends in approaches to theatre making In the ensuing eleven chapters, eleven different writer observers describe, contextualise and analyse the theatre making practices of eleven different companies and directors, including Japans Gekidan Kaitaisha and the Qubcois director Robert Lepage Each chapter is enriched with extensive illustrations as well as boxed off asides, giving the reader different perspectives on the work Chapters usually focus on a single production, such as Complicites The Elephant Vanishes, allowing detailed investigations of complex practices to emerge The book concludes with a brief manifesto for making contemporary theatre by the editors, plus a bibliography suggesting further reading Making contemporary theatre is a rich resource for the theatre making student and the theatre goer alike, full of diverse examples of how the most exciting theatre is actually made