[ Read pdf ] Getting Started with RFID: Identify Objects in the Physical World with Arduino (Make: Projects)Author Tom Igoe – Mariahilff.de

If you want to experiment with radio frequency identification RFID , this book is the perfect place to start All you need is some experience with Arduino and Processing, the ability to connect basic circuits on a breadboard with jumper wireand youre good to go Youll be guided through three hands on projects that let you experience RFID in actionRFID is used in various applications, such as identifying store items or accessing a toll road with an EZPass system After you build each of the books projects in succession, youll have the knowledge to pursue RFID applications of your ownUse Processing to get a sense of how RFID readers behaveConnect Arduino to an RFID reader and discover how to use RFID tags as keysAutomate your office or home, using RFID to turn on systems when youre present, and turn them off when you leaveGet a complete list of materials you need, along with code samples and helpful illustrationsTackle each project with easy to follow explanations of how the code works