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I needed this for a lecture the following week, it arrived the very next day in excellent condition and I couldn t have been happier As for the text I had great sympathy for jp in places whilst simultaneously strongly disliking him There is so much to this story and it has been one of the most enjoyable reads of the semester. Arrived all OK Item as expected Good service. This play is brilliant I d love to see it live The relationships between the characters are so three dimensional that even just reading this play, I was completely and utterly sucked into their world The play is touching, dramatic and unique. It s a book, came clean and in good condition. Purchased as a set text for my daughter who is taking A levels Whilst the play itself was quite a radical production in its day, the theme and context are quite dated and rather staid I guess I would not have purchased it, had it not been a set text. Look Back in Anger transformed the face of British theatre legend has it that audiences gasped at the sight of an ironing board on a London stage John Osborne s play launched the angry young men movement, writers from working or middle class background who had become disillusioned with British society, were sick of contemporary theatre s escapism, and wanted their work to reflect life as they knew it The play tells the story of a love triangle between Jimmy, an intelligent and educated man of working class background, his upper middle class wife Alison, and her superior and disdainful best friend Helena Jimmy hates his wife s background, almost as much as he hates himself Dark and savage, Look Back in Anger makes readers and audiences re examine what was once called the good life Excellent, a book bought for school A classic read. Yup