epub pdf Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, Streams, and functional-style programmingAuthor Raoul Gabriel Urma – Mariahilff.de

Summary Javain Action is a clearly written guide to the new features of JavaThe book covers lambdas, streams, and functional style programming With Javas functional features you can now writeconcise code in less time, and also automatically benefit from multicore architectures It s time to dig in Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning PublicationsAbout the BookEvery new version of Java is important, but Javais a game changer Javain Action is a clearly written guide to the new features of JavaIt begins with a practical introduction to lambdas, using real world Java code Next, it covers the new Streams API and shows how you can use it to make collection based code radically easier to understand and maintain It also explains other major Javafeatures including default methods, Optional, CompletableFuture, and the new Date and Time API This book is written for programmers familiar with Java and basic OO programming What s InsideHow to use Javas powerful new featuresWriting effective multicore ready applicationsRefactoring, testing, and debuggingAdopting functional style programmingQuizzes and quick check questionsAbout the AuthorsRaoul Gabriel Urma is a software engineer, speaker, trainer, and PhD candidate at the University of Cambridge Mario Fusco is an engineer at Red Hat and creator of the lambdaj library Alan Mycroft is a professor at Cambridge and cofounder of the Raspberry Pi FoundationTable of ContentsPARTFUNDAMENTALSJavawhy should you care Passing code with behavior parameterizationLambda expressionsPARTFUNCTIONAL STYLE DATA PROCESSINGIntroducing streamsWorking with streamsCollecting data with streamsParallel data processing and performancePARTEFFECTIVE JAVAPROGRAMMINGRefactoring, testing, and debuggingDefault methods Using Optional as a better alternative to null CompletableFuture composable asynchronousprogrammingNew Date and Time APIPARTBEYOND JAVA Thinking functionallyFunctional programming techniquesBlending OOP and FP comparing Javaand Scala Conclusions and where next for JavaAPPENDIXESMiscellaneous language updatesMiscellaneous library updatesPerforming multiple operations in parallelon a streamLambdas and JVM bytecode