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This book rambles on, contains little applicable content, is poorly written, full of mistakes, and lacks a clear understanding of security in practice The questions at the end of chapters are especially bad and often the answers the author suggests are wrong and in accurate In general I have found the ISC2 official guides and books over the years to be poorly written in content, structure, and accuracy This is yet another. Terrible, verbose and non in deep explanation of the concepts poorly explainedNo point of using this book, the study guide for CISSP by Mike Chapple is all you need. The only SSCP study guide officially approved by ISCThe ISCSystems Security Certified Practitioner SSCP certification is a well known vendor neutral global IT security certification The SSCP is designed to show that holders have the technical skills to implement, monitor, and administer IT infrastructure using information security policies and procedures This comprehensive Official Study Guide the only study guide officially approved by ISCcovers all objectives of the seven SSCP domains Access Controls Security Operations and Administration Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis Incident Response and Recovery Cryptography Network and Communications Security Systems and Application Security If you re an information security professional or student of cybersecurity looking to tackle one or of the seven domains of the SSCP, this guide gets you prepared to pass the exam and enter the information security workforce with confidence Consider this just reference book only Did not find it useful..too much theoretical and weird way of topic structure and explanation Book from George B Murphy is much better and relevant for exam. What can I say that hasn t been said by every other reviewer This is the book you need to get the fundementals down to pass the SSCP The problem with this book is it gets dry in certain parts and some parts feel unnecessary You finish reading a few paragraphs on a subject and find out that it doesn t relate to the test but the author just wants you to know it exists Also certain formulas for risk don t match up to what the test is looking for Speaking of tests the one that comes with this book is ok, but some questions and answers have wording errors or the answers are just flat out wrong and contradict the book entirely I ve had to submit a few corrections to the publisher Though I say 95% of the test is correct it s not perfect So if your looking to take the test you will need the concepts of this book Just don t make it your only book for study, supplement it with videos, different testing engines like kaplin or bozon Also the All in One book from Shon Harris series is worth a look as well Good luck on the test. The best way I would describe this book is dribble, I highly recommend using the AIO book by Darril Gibson, and the ISC 2 Official Practice Tests by Mike Chapple instead To give an example, when the author is discussing IaaS, instead of using real world applicable examples such as AWS the author instead rambles about a helicopter maintenance depot and clean drinking water And no I m not joking There s also numerous errors I found in the questions.Please ISC 2 let Mike Chapple, or Darril Gibson write the next one. Read the book passed the exam Did what it was supposed to I read 20 40 pages a day depending on information i already knew created 400 note cards After little falling asleep from chappel this was a breath of fresh air.Prior certs A Net Sec Project ITIL Foundations v3.Work experiences 6 months as a junior system adminSSCP is defiantly an intermediate cert It is not entry level this is a mid career choice. Read the whole thing Passed the SSCP in 6 19. Great book Currently using this to study for my SSCP very in depth, and every aspect is clearly explained. Rather disappointed Poorly laid out, and full of waffle You could fit all the actually useful information on the first 100 pages in 5 pages