epub pdf In-Yer-Face Theatre: British Drama Today (Theatre Books) (English Edition) By Aleks Sierz – Mariahilff.de

great. The most controversial and newsworthy plays of British theatre are a rash of rude, vicious and provocative pieces by a brat pack of twentysomethings whose debuts startled critics and audiences with their heady mix of sex, violence and street poetryIn Yer Face Theatre is the first book to study this exciting outburst of creative self expression by what in other contexts has been called Generation X, or Thatcher s Children, the yoof who grew up during the last Conservative Government The book argues that, for example, Trainspotting, Blasted, Mojo and Shopping and F king are much than a collection of shock tactics taken together, they represent a consistent critique of modern life, one which focuses on the problem of violence, the crisis of masculinity and the futility of consumerism The book contains extensive interviews with playwrights, including Sarah Kane Blasted , Mark Ravenhill Shopping and F king , Philip Ridley The Pitchfork Disney , Patrick Marber Closer and Martin McDonagh The Beauty Queen of Leenane