[read online books] Harold Pinter Plays 2: The Caretaker; Night School; The Dwarfs; The Collection; The Lover: The Caretaker, Night School, The Dwarfs, The ... Lover v. 2 (Faber Contemporary Classics)Author Harold Pinter – Mariahilff.de

All these plays are brilliantly written and have detail and depth Fantastic for drama students to delve into and study tension atmosphere and breaking down a script. After a brief introduction, a speech he made in 1955 after receiving the David Cohen British Literature Prize, the book is exactly what it says on the cover Harold Pinter Plays a mixture of his less well known plays and, probably, his most famous The Caretaker Night School The Dwarfs The Collection The Lover Night School Trouble in the works The black and white request stop The Collection The Lover Pinter s plays are not to everyone s taste and really need to be seen, acted well, rather than read, although to study them at leisure, reading is obviously essential and these editions are ideal for that His plays need to be acted well to make use of the selective pauses, non sequiturs , over lapping dialogue and non verbal language Fortunately, his plays attract good theatres and actOrs able to lift the script from the page.A mixture of very well known and not so well known plays, this edition contains a rich selection of his eerie, threatening, austere, normal, introspective worlds On one page, forty six pauses, one of his few directions Pause His characters always seem involved , if that is the appropriate word, in a long series of disconnected conversations, lives which tangentially bump into one another, like bumper cars at the fair intimate contact but no communication.In an essay on The Caretaker , I was once harshly but rightly criticised by a professor who recognised in my writing the notion that the characters had continued to live beyond the final curtain I had taken them home and lived with them for a while before consinging them to the page This, he informed me, was not the realm of literary criticism, idle speculation on the non existent Some of Pinter s characters and settings have that ability to live on, off the stage and page, to haunt, to populate the imagination Mother, mother, I ve had the most unpleasant, the most mystifying encounter with the man who calls himself Mr Withers Will you give me your advice Family Voices , P 142 Superb plays as expected I had to buy it after watching one of these plays Well written and a joy to read. Classic Great as any Pinter s work don t mis this volume Every play is a masteerpiece The second volume of Harold Pinter s collected work includes The Caretaker The Caretaker It was with this play that Harold Pinter had his first major success The obsessive caretaker, Davies, is a classic comic creation, and his uneasy relationship with the enigmatic Aston and Mick a landmark in twentieth century drama The play remains a masterpiece Daily Telegraph The Collection This one act play for television explores the sexual manoeuvres between two couples in the clothing trade Taps the adrenal flow of contemporary guilt and anxiety Time The Lover Richard and Sarah conduct themselves with apparent respectability in the mornings, whilst living out a sequence of erotic rituals in the afternoons Beautifully written the sexiest play I remember seeing on the television Sunday Times The volume also includes Night School and The Dwarfs, plus five revue sketches written during the same period