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Google DriveThe Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mastering Google DriveThe human mind has proven itself to be one of the most prominent miracles throughout the history of mankind From early civilizations to the most modern living settings, it is the human mind which keeps on adding efficiency and productivity to its surrounding Technology and application of internet is one such example of human brain miracle which has changed the whole human life setting in the most astonishing way Today just a few clicks are enough to cater communication and management of plenty of official work The world has shrunken to a global village because ease and access have been added to the life unlimitedly If we talk about ease in human life activity then the use of various applications through internet and computers come in our mind as the first option One such example is that of Goggle Drive which has added unlimited efficiency and compatibility to various activities This storage and synchronization application endorse competence beyond our imagination This book has been written to help all the beginners who have just started their revolutionary journey towards the use of Goggle drive so we will touch upon all the basics in a reader friendly toneHere is a preview of what you ll learnGetting familiar with Google Drive features and applicationGetting started with the Google Drive How to create, upload and store filesPhotos and document sharingAnd muchEXCELBEGINNER S CRASH COURSE TO MICROSOFT EXCELDo you want to know about the functionality of Microsoft Excel and figure out how to use it As a novice, you will get to know all the steps taken to make well use of your Microsoft Excel This book will take you through the essentials of the Excel process set up your spreadsheet, capture and structure data efficiently It is a well documented book suitable for anyone who is looking to learn Excel and wants to increase their productivity and efficiency, both at work and homeIt will also help you comprehend spreadsheets basics, all formulas and functions in Microsoft ExcelIt as an easy to understand book, Microsoft Excel exploited by many individuals worldwide to help with the effective running of everyday events The entire book will take you through all the process needed and highlight why you ought to learn Excel and demonstrate to you how it can help in numerous territories of lifeHere is a preview of what you ll learn Microsoft Excel the BeginningGreat features of Microsoft ExcelHow to use SpreadsheetsMicrosoft Excel formulas and functionsUse of Database in Microsoft ExcelWindows The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning Microsoft s Intelligent New Operating SystemWelcome to WindowsThe latest operating system from Microsoft represents a genuine return to form for the company, following the universally derided WindowsRather than forcing you into an unfamiliar format, Windowsallows the user to choose how to best use the program and as such is loaded with new features and settingsThis guide will provide an introduction to many of those new features and provide you with a number of tricks to help you get the most out of your new Windows computer or tablet