[Read Reading] Freak Babylon: An Illustrated History of Teratology and FreakshowsAuthor Jack Hunter – Mariahilff.de

FREAK BABYLON is a sometimes startling, sometimes disturbing documentary of the history of one of mankind s most fascinating sciences teratology and its dubious cultural correlative, the Freakshow, from ancient times to the present day The book features overrare and intriguing photos of human anomalies and covers the areas of scientific research, sideshows, cinema and body modificationBy tracing the history of teratology the classification of human anomalies and looking at some famous case histories such as the Elephant Man and Johnny Eck, FREAK BABYLON shows how medical research and exploitation are often interlinked and poses the question whether new sciences of cloning and genetic engineering are taking us back to the dark days of man made freaksBonus features include The Elephant Man by Sir Frederick Treves Long out of print, this is the true account which inspired David Lynch s film of the same name Dissection of a Symelian Monster by R C Benington A classic illustrated account of an autopsy on a real life human anomaly, frommedical journalsAn in depth illustrated review of the controversialhorror film Freaks, directed by Tod BrowningTod Robbins classic short story Spurs, which inspired Browning s Freaks