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Trying to Learn Excel VBA without instruction is Like trying to learn to read without instruction Do you want to become an Expert in Microsoft Excel Is your dream to become an advanced Excel Macro specialist Whatever your answer may be, I am sure you wouldnt pass up the opportunity to find out about the subject With Excel VBA and much So, what are you waiting for Stop dreaming about improving your Excel VBA performance and start taking steps to make this dream a reality Scroll Up and Click the Buy Now Button

8 thoughts on “Excel VBA & Excel Macros: Mastering Excel VBA, Tips and Tricks of VBA Programming and Mastering Excel Macros

  1. Gemma Gemma says:

    Est bien para empezar pero hay m ltiples errores en los ejemplos proporcionados.Adem s los ejemplos en que hay en la segunda parte del libro deber an estar completos ya que generan mucha confusi n til para un primer acercamiento pero ya est.

  2. C. Pruden C. Pruden says:

    This book is terrible There are spelling errors, syntax errors, and missing information chapter 13 He give you code on how to perform a task, but doesn t explain what the functions are doing There doesn t seem to be any rhyme or reason to this book.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    The book I read was informative and clearly written However from the picture on I thought it was three booklets, but if it was I could not open the other two Any info would be appreciated.

  4. Rick Regalla Rick Regalla says:

    The book is takes a high level approach and works for the several chapters of the book However, I think it could use some detail regarding other VBA commands and programming aspects Decent intro but needs to be coupled with a book for detail and usefulness.

  5. John Kirvan John Kirvan says:

    This is one of those books that tries to teach you enough VBA to be able to create macros to automate your workflow in a week If that is what you re looking for, than get this book This will work for anyone that just has some simple tasks to automate at work.

  6. Kip Krenz Kip Krenz says:

    Excel VBA, or what coders might refer to as Visual Basic for Applications, is a built in coding program found in Microsoft Office s Excel You will be able to create applications customized for your needs In turn, these applications will help you use Excel effectively and efficiently In total, this book contains fifteen chapters that each covers an essential function of Excel VBA Many of these functions build off of each other I think that s the best guide forever I recommend it

  7. John Keats. John Keats. says:

    This book talks about Excel Macros and VBA, which are the most complicated fields of this program The author explains how they work, describing the basic things and significant features, which are extremely helpful for users You don t have to be a specialist to understand the text of this guide, because all information in it is pretty clear and understandable even for beginners Recommended.

  8. Jorge A. T Jorge A. T says:

    This book got me to a point where I feel truly great composition my own Macro s This book contains significantly parts that every spread a fundamental capacity of Excel VBA I am sparing a great deal of time at work utilizing custom equations, macros, client structures, and include ins for essentially any undertaking that is tedious Very suggested.