epub Essential Algorithms: A Practical Approach to Computer Algorithms Using Python and C# – Mariahilff.de

A friendly introduction to the most useful algorithms written in simple, intuitive English The revised and updated second edition of Essential Algorithms, offers an accessible introduction to computer algorithms The book contains a description of important classical algorithms and explains when each is appropriate The author shows how to analyze algorithms in order to understand their behavior and teaches techniques that the can be used to create new algorithms to meet future needs The text includes useful algorithms such as methods for manipulating common data structures, advanced data structures, network algorithms, and numerical algorithms It also offers a variety of general problem solving techniques In addition to describing algorithms and approaches, the author offers details on how to analyze the performance of algorithms The book is filled with exercises that can be used to explore ways to modify the algorithms in order to apply them to new situations This updated edition of Essential Algorithms Contains explanations of algorithms in simple terms, rather than complicated math Steps through powerful algorithms that can be used to solve difficult programming problems Helps prepare for programming job interviews that typically include algorithmic questions Offers methods can be applied to any programming language Includes exercises and solutions useful to both professionals and students Provides code examples updated and written in Python and C Essential Algorithms has been updated and revised and offers professionals and students a hands on guide to analyzing algorithms as well as the techniques and applications The book also includes a collection of questions that may appear in a job interview The book s website will include reference implementations in Python and C which can be easily applied to Java and C I like this book, because I am a.net developer and most of things in this book a Algorithms I learned in University, but the good here is there are some basic implementation of some Algorithms that I some time need to develop for specific cases and I use the book as inspiration for how the basic solution made, to boost my work One thing I do not like is the publisher of this book have had issue with cut the paper, so some time I find pages that are stick together It is fixable by putting a lineal and open it through I will compare it to Algorithms Fourth Edition by Sedgewick Wayne but in.net and python I purchased the Kindle format and I m glad that I did I looked through the book for any C code there was none From the introduction, it says to use your favorite programming language Then, why does it mention Python and C All the examples I saw were in pseudo code If you re looking for something to talk about data structures and algorithms then is the book But, don t look for any real code.