Free Best Edward Gorey's Dracula: A Toy Theatre: Die Cut, Scored and Perforated Foldups and FoldoutsAuthor Edward Gorey –

Bram Stoker snovel took place in the wild Carpathian Mountains, London and rural England, and various places in between But the Dracula for which Edward Gorey created the set designs reproduced in miniature here a version that ran to nearly a thousand Broadway performances compresses the action to one locale the sanatorium of Dr Seward, near the town of Purley, somewhere in the English countryside Based on Edward Gorey s set and costume designs for his award winning Broadway production of Dracula, these die cut, scored, and perforated foldups and foldouts includepop upxinch stage sets cast of figures in all stage furniture and apage booklet with exceptionally simple assembly instructions, a synopsis of Gorey s Broadway adaptation of Dracula, and notes on Edward Gorey and his many magical creations Cigar box style packaging, approximatelyXXinches