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UK s bestselling language learning audio series The accompanying booklet is also available at collinsdictionary resources This French Audio Course takes you from complete beginner to complete confidence It is the perfect companion for holidays and business trips in France and French speaking countries Easy to use fast, flexible and portable Easy to follow just listen, speak and learn Easy to learn no complex grammar Whether you re a beginner or you want to refresh and build upon your existing knowledge, you can become confident in French without even having to pick up a pen Contains apage booklet andCDs with overhours of audio

15 thoughts on “Easy Learning French Audio Course: Language Learning the Easy Way with Collins

  1. Tangleweed Tangleweed says:

    Brilliant course I ve learnt so much from the simple repetition and clear, easy to follow sections The Collins booklets are detailed and can be carried around to help remember the basics, which has been a great tool for me as I m now living in France and often forget some simple sentences

  2. JoMe JoMe says:

    My ten year old daughter and I are working through these CDs during her journey to school The level of repetition suits her and the scenarios are interesting enough We have just returned from a trip to Paris so she could identify with the settings As an adult with rusty high school French, it is useful but a little slow in pace All round, a good buy.

  3. shan shan says:

    very nice audio course so far The whole family gets involved in it.The conversations are crisp and clear with lot of explanations Love this course at this price altho it could have been cheaper.

  4. Norma Hoyland Norma Hoyland says:

    Absolutely brilliant, easy learning like it says, breaks everything down to make learning easier, I love listening in the car and I have already started to pick up the phrases, you can rewind back to the beginning of each chapter, which I find really helpful, a really good buy for an absolute beginner, I cant wait to impress my soon to be French daughter in law

  5. p j wells p j wells says:

    although this is a very good french course I think there is a problem with the booklet that comes with it The numbering of the tracks are wrong so when I go back to find example Unit 7 track 35 the disc says Unit 7 track 10 Not sure if I am reading it right but I think I am So I do have to waste a bit of time trying to find the right track, very confusing but nevertheless a very good course.

  6. colin michael harbinson colin michael harbinson says:

    Only two CDs in, but I am enjoying this I am a slow learner so being able to go back as often as I like and listen again to pronunciation is a help.The teaching method is pleasant and not overly formal, the idea is to learn enough French to manage most aspects of social interaction so no writing or complicated sentences I think it would be a good way to start and then move on to a comprehensive study.

  7. Caroline T Nuttall Caroline T Nuttall says:

    Fabulous Play in car on local journeys, great teaching easy learning after disc one, feel my schoolgirl French from 30 years ago finally makes sense Thoroughly recommend for a re introduction sure I ll get by just fine in time for my planned trip to France Cant wait to drive to work in the mornings

  8. S L. S L. says:

    Fanstatic.I couldn t get on with some other language CDs but found this one very helpful.Listen to it in the car every day on the way to work supplemented by the occasional look later at the notes.Some tracks I had to repeat many times but my confidence has increased immensly

  9. lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-books.co Customer lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-books.co Customer says:

    Bought this for in my car driving to work, I ve listened to the first cd and already picked upna lot It s a great easy way of learning.

  10. steph steph says:

    Bought this to brush up on my French for holidays Lots of useful phrases and an easy to follow step by step approach Would recommend for someone who has a good grasp of basic French already.

  11. Sikai Sikai says:

    I bought this with the mindset to learn French , something really passionate about.Good product step by step learning stages.my only build would be that at times I became unengaged with the tone of voice on recording.

  12. Jude Jude says:

    Love this Played every day on my commute and learned enough in 3 months to get me around Paris one weekend

  13. Mrs. P. Hanson Mrs. P. Hanson says:

    Fast delivery, good price, I never did French at school, but I find these cd s very helpful for my learning

  14. Pete B. Pete B. says:

    This French course is excellent, it s clear concise and enables the listener to absorb a great deal of the language in a small space of time I m really enjoying it

  15. ECE ECE says:

    Well thought through programme which you can manage for your own experience Disc 2 timings have different program numbers but easy to work out Situational learning helps in the quick usage of the language.