Dr Faustus: the A- and B- Texts (1604, 1616): A Parallel-Text Edition (Revels Student Editions) epub – Mariahilff.de

Dr Faustus is one of the jewels of early modern English drama, and is still widely performed today Interestingly, the play has come down to the contemporary audience in two distinct versions that have become known as the A and the B texts David Bevington and Eric Rasmussen, who edited the original Revels edition over twenty years ago and are two of the most eminent editors currently working , have hit upon the fascinating idea of presenting both texts on facing pages This allows readers to compare the two versions , the A text which is the one closest to Marlowe, and the longer B text with additions by Samuel Rowley in this unique edition, the reader is made aware of the changing tastes of audiences, the stage history of the play, and of just how intricate editing a play can be With a concise and illuminating introduction, and relevant notes and images, this Revels Student Edition of the A and B texts of Dr Faustus will prove to be an enthralling document, and an excellent edition for student and theatre goer alike