[ read online Textbooks ] DIY Circus Lab for Kids: A Family- Friendly Guide for Juggling, Balancing, Clowning and Show-Making (Lab Series)Author Jackie Leigh Davis – Mariahilff.de

Produce your own circus Make your own stilts, juggling sticks, and tightrope, then learn to use them master the human pyramid discover how to create your own circus acts and shows andmuchwithDIY Circus Lab for Kids Companion online video tutorials for every prop and skill make learning easy Veteran circus educator Jackie Leigh Davis takes you, step by step, through the props and skills you need to perform all the major circus arts Acrobatics, acrobalance, and human pyramidsBalance artsClowningGyroscopic and toss jugglingYoull learn how to make juggling balls, a hoola hoop, a rola bola, a clown nose and hat, and a pair of poi, among other circus essentials With these props, youll learn how to juggle, hoop, balance, perfom clown gags, andPhoto demonstrations, numbered steps, and online tutorials ensure youll understand exactly how to make the props and perform the skills Did you know that a tight rope walker in Ancient Greece was called a funambulus Or that female jugglers can be found pictured in , year old hieroglyphs on the wall of an Egyptian tomb DIYCircus Lab for Kids includes the history of each family of circus skills Circademics sidebars explore the science and academics behind the circus activities, like how the brain changes when you learn how to juggle Circussecrets sidebars throughout connect circus arts to social and emotional skills, like listening, persistence, and asking for and giving help Many of the skills in this book are safe enough for kids to do themselves, with a few requiring an adult spotter so families or classes can enjoy them together Once youve learned how to create your own circus with DIY Circus Lab for Kids, you can also host a circus propmaking party, start a juggling club at school, clown at a senior center or daycare, start a community circus meet up in a park, or integrate circus themes into your schoolscurriculumthe opportunities for circus fun are endless