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Darren Cook has over 20 years experience as a software developer and technical director, working on everything from financial trading systems, through data visualization tools, through PR websites for some of the world s largest brands, all the way to arcade games He is skilled in a wide range of computer languages, including Javascript, PHP and C He has developed systems around http streaming web services, such as Twitter, written many low level direct socket server client protocols in numerous applications, and built applications with websockets. The book goes through a real world whole implementation as opposed to several toy projects examples as many other technical books.The book focus on how to deal with the problems you would face when moving from a working toy example to a real app.Most of these problems relate to the different level of support for server push we find in browsers today If you do not need to support IE or pre 4.4 Android releases, probably you live in an easier world and you do not need to worry about many of these problems.Other real world issues the book solves are keep alives for connections, periodic disconnection and connections, etc The code is available in Github which is great for inspiration.The book shows the server side code using PHP I do not use PHP myself so it looks horrible to my eyes but it is true that it is good to show stuff like http headers, etc Very raw and very simple There are also a few snippets for nodejs.The parts I disliked of the book were when it goes into details for the PHP implementation where I do not think should as it is unrelated to the topic in question This is like one chapter which I just skipped.This is for sure the most compressive resource I ve seen on the topic If you need to work with this technology Make yourself a favor and save some hours of pain, read this.If you are just playing with the technology as a hobbyist, enjoy life and just require Firefox or Chrome, still you will need to sort some things out like connections being randomly closed by lack of activity.