[[ books pdf ]] CWS-100: Certified Wireless Specialist: Official Study GuideAuthor Tom Carpenter – Mariahilff.de

The Certified Wireless Specialist CWS exam CWSprovide you knowledge ofwireless LAN WLAN hardware and software in relation to selection and features of such equipment This study guide provides you with the knowledge you need to prepare for the exam and to make effective recommendations or decisions related to WLAN technologies You will learn about the basic operations ofwireless hardware and software and understand how to select the right solution based on organizational requirements This book is your self study and exam review resource It is the tool you need to help you prepare for the CWSexam While other excellent books may cover the topics presented, no other book so concisely prepares you for certification successThe CWS Study Guide includes Full coverage of exam CWSobjectives so that you can feel and be prepared on exam dayCallout notes covering important topics related to the exam and real world situationsDiagrams and graphics to help you understand complex processes