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The Clojure standard library is a treasure trove of functions and macros that have been battle tested over the years to solve the most challenging programming problems Clojure The Essential Reference is an extensive reference to the standard library but it doesn t read as a dull list of functions In addition to providing clear explanations for each topic, this guide is full of real world examples, links, and background informationKey Features An introduction including areas of application and main goals Arigorous contract section, including parameters and return types Real world examples of the function in action Background and conceptual information necessary to better understand the functionFor developers of all skill levels who need a thorough reference to Clojure standard libraryAbout the technologyThe standard library is one of the most important tools to master a language One aspect that characterizes the standard library is the fact that its already packaged with a language when you first experiment with itRenzo Borgattiis a software engineer withthanyears of experience in the field Renzo worked with Java, Ruby, and Objective C before discovering Clojure and functional programming a few years ago, a passion that quickly turned into professional work He s a frequent speaker at user groups and conferences