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Bestselling author Bryson s latest book is really his first this guide to usage, spelling and grammar was first published inwhen Bryson In a Sunburned Country, etc was an unknown copyeditor at the London Times, and has now been revised and updated for use in the US Alphabetically arranged entries include commonly misspelled and misused words He also includes common problems with grammar, as well as an appendix on punctuation Bryson often cites theedition of HW Fowler s A Dictionary of Modern English Usage as an authority, though he also makes a handful of references to recent texts, such as the Encarta World English Dictionary and Atlantic Monthly columnist Barbara Wallraff s Word Court Despite the revisions, the book often betrays its origins as a British text, as in citing words in common usage throughout the UK and British Commonwealth, but rarely used by American writers, such as Taoiseach, the Prime Minister of Ireland or City of London vs city of London In addition, Bryson avoids taking on computer lingo, such as distinguishing between the Internet and the World Wide Web Despite these shortcomings, Bryson s erudition is evident and refreshing His passage on split infinitives, for example, asserts that it is a rhetorical fault a question of style and not a grammatical one Readers looking for the author s trademark humor will not find it here Instead they will find a straightforward, concise, utilitarian guide, albeit one listing Bryson s suggestions, observations, and even treasured prejudices on newspaper writing primarily in Britain, circa CopyrightCahners Business Information, IncOffering somepercent new material, Bryson author of A Walk in the Woods, among other titles, and a former London Times copy editor has updated hiswork, The Facts On File Dictionary of Troublesome Words He maintains a broad audience appeal by humorously addressing topics ranging from easily confused place names to geology s stalactite and stalagmite Thealphabetically arranged entries are often of the gantlet gauntlet type, which offers clarification of definitions, spelling, and differences between US and British English Redundant wording is the other usage error most frequently mentioned, as seen in the entry complete and unabridged Prominent usage questions, eg dangling modifiers and the word hopeul, receive full page or longer entries Most notable among the entries are examples of erroneous usage quoted from prestigious publications, particularly newspapers As in the first edition, Bryson presents an appendix and a glossary covering punctuation and grammatical terms His work can be compared with William Strunk and EB White s Elements of Style in its concision but focuseson usage errors, while Strunk and White s work expands to general guidance on good writing Recommended for public and academic libraries Marianne Orme, Des Plaines PL IL CopyrightReed Business Information, Inc