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I was taught by Lisa Hopkins at University and found her an incredibly informative and helpful tutor Lisa made Shakespeare enjoyable and this book was a great support when it came to my exam and looking up critical reviews and responses to performances over the years.I would recommend it for A Level students wanting to get the best grades, or for undergraduates looking for a book to create foundation to build upon Excellent book for serious students of the bard Not for the dilettante Enjoyable, well thought out in format and content. Arrived quickly Great source for info and referencing regarding Shakespeare A decent companion to my Uni Literature course Would be great if these things were cheaper though Beginning Shakespeare introduces students to the study of Shakespeare, and grounds their understanding of his work in theoretical discourses After an introductory survey of the dominant approaches of the past, seven chapters examine the major current critical approaches to Shakespeare psychoanalysis, New Historicism, Cultural Materialism, gender studies, queer theory, postcolonial criticism and performance criticism A further chapter looks at the growing roles of biography, attribution studies and textual studies Each chapter analyses the strengths and weaknesses of a particular perspective, allowing students to gain a clear critical purchase on the respective approaches, and to make informed choices between them Each chapter ends with a list of suggested further reading and interactive exercises based on the key issues raised An invaluable introduction, essential for anyone studying Shakespeare, Beginning Shakespeare offers students a map of the current critical practices, and a sense of the possibilities for developing their own approaches