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Follow the author as he goes on a harrowing journey from the US Olympic Training Center to homeless shelters to shooting heroin on the job to being declared dead This story goes beyond addiction It is about the fragility and tenacity of the human spirit and how that spirit can redeem each and every one of us by helping to push us through the darkness, whether the darkness is from death, divorce, or the disease of addictionAcrobaddict is a story about the close relationship between athletics and drug addictionhow the same energy, obsession, and dedication that can create an Olympic athlete can also create a homeless drug addictPUBLISHERS WEEKLY Starred review After reading former Olympic gymnastics hopeful Putignano s sinister yet intoxicating memoir of addiction, recovery, andaddiction, you wind up feeling like one of his closest friends The first time author, who now portrays Crystal Man in Cirque du Soleil s traveling production of Totem, divulges what must be nearly every significant detail of his journey from the basement of his parents Massachusetts home, where as anyear old he taught himself flips using old couch cushions to the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where the author s insane quest for perfection exposed his insecurities and triggered his self loathing and finally to a seemingly never ending series of addict escapades throughout his college and post college years that somehow did not even climax after he was twice declared clinically dead Putignano s homosexuality plays a crucial role in his story, and it is the one topic here he handles delicately Elsewhere, his prose is unfiltered graphic and intimate Prone to hyperbole to the point of distraction, Putignano nevertheless writes so vividly about his highs that readers practically experience them with him Similarly, his lows drop them into the private circles of hell on earth he created Apowerful anti drug missive would be tough to find Sept LIBRARY JOURNAL July ,Dale Farris, Groves, TXFormer star acrobatic contortionist and gymnast of the Cirque du Soleils Totem, performer in Twyla Tharps musical The Times They Are Achangin, and guest on Dr Sanjay Guptas CNN show Human Factor, Putignano, shares his heartfelt, emotionally wrenching story of addiction to heroin Putignanos memoir takes readers on an unsettling journey from his experience in the US Olympic Training Center to homeless shelters to shooting heroin on the job, and even being declared dead His vivid, brutally honest story begins with his realizing at an early age his innate talent for gymnastics, followed by his obsession with becoming an Olympic gymnastic champion, how he abandoned his Olympic hopes to chase his love of heroin, and ultimately how he managed to overcome his addiction and move into long term recovery and stability The narrative is replete with colorful descriptions of his many harrowing experiences, and deep musings that have formed the foundation for his commitment to remain free of drugs and a shining light for others who may be seeking guidance VERDICT Putignanos honest memoir of drug abuse is a valuable addition to substance abuse literature His status as a successful gymnast and performer helps connect readers, and his impressive, erudite style results in a highly credible addition to this rapidly saturating genre

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