{download Pdf} 802.11ac: A Survival Guide: Wi-Fi at Gigabit and BeyondAuthor Matthew S Gast – Mariahilff.de

The next frontier for wireless LANs is ac, a standard that increases throughput beyond one gigabit per second This concise guide provides in depth information to help you plan for ac, with technical details on design, network operations, deployment, and monitoringAuthor Matthew Gastan industry expert who led the development of and security task groups at the Wi Fi Allianceexplains how ac will not only increase the speed of your network, but its capacity as well Whether you need to serveclients with your current level of throughput, or serve your existing client load with higher throughput, ac is the solution This book gets you startedUnderstand how the ac protocol works to improve the speed and capacity of a wireless LANExplore how beamforming increases speed capacity by improving link margin, and lays the foundation for multi user MIMOLearn how multi user MIMO increases capacity by enabling an AP to send data to multiple clients simultaneouslyPlan when and how to upgrade your network to ac by evaluating client devices, applications, and network connections

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